Aeromodelling Workshops and Competitions in IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi has been a hub for aeromodelling enthusiasts, hosting national level events like the finals of the Boeing IIT National Aeromodelling Competition organized in association with AerotriX. Although it doesn't have an aerospace department for graduate studies, the institution promotes various aeromodelling activities to attract students from across India. Learn more about Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition.

From the last two years, IIT Delhi has been organizing an ‘Introduction to Engineering’ course for generating engineering excitement among fresher students. A Glider making workshop is an important part of this course where the new entrants develop a practical mindset to cope with their formative years as an Engineer!

IIT Delhi is currently working on setting up an aeromodelling club to further promote the art of aeromodelling.

These are the past workshops from AerotriX that happened in IIT Delhi:

RC Aircraft Design Workshop

AerotriX organised RC Aircraft Design workshop in IIT Delhi on 8th May, 2015 for second year students.

The workshop helped students practically learn aircraft technology by making their own radio-controlled aircraft projects. It encouraged the participants towards solving engineering problems while following the steps for aircraft design.

Glider Making Workshop

AerotriX organised Glider Making workshop in IIT Delhi on 27th September, 2014 for first year students.

By making their own balsa wood gliders, the fresher students understood how to approach an engineering project. The workshop was full of team work, challenges, hands-on experience and the joy of successfully building a working glider!

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