About Us

AerotriX is a division of Skyfi Education Labs Pvt. Ltd. founded by IIT Kanpur alumni with the intention of improving the skills and employability of Engineering students through hands-on activity based training programs. We use Aeromodelling workshops, wherever possible, as a means to deliver exciting and fun based training to the students of various Engineering disciplines. Our Aeromodelling workshops are carefully designed to expose participants to multi-disciplinary demands of the industry and students from Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Instrumentation Engineering disciplines find our programs very useful. Students from other disciplines with an interest to learn and experience Aeromodelling also find our workshops educative as they develop a flavor for practical engineering.

In addition to Aeromodelling workshops, we also provide specialized training programs to help students develop skills needed for a career in Aerospace/ Aeronautical and Automobile Industry.

All our training programs involve building live projects and hence give the students a very good opportunity to develop practical, application-oriented skills. In addition to the technical knowledge, our students leave our training sessions with the confidence of learning theory and applying it successfully to build a project that works!

Our training modules give utmost importance to basic concepts and encourage participants to come up with their own designs. Hence none of our workshops include pre-designed aeromodelling kits or ready-to-use blueprints. Our workshops are planned in such a way that participants get hands-on experience of complete design and fabrication processes involved in developing projects.

Other Offerings