What is Aeromodelling?

Aeromodelling is the activity involving design, development and flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles.

Aeromodelling generally involves small sized flying objects like Radio Controlled Aircraft (RC Aircraft), Gliders, Ornithopters, Boomerangs and Paper Planes. Although Aeromodelling looks like a lot of Aerospace/ Aeronautical engineering topic, it involves a lot of interdisciplinary concepts from from various streams of engineering - primarily Aerospace/ Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science. Aeromodelling gives a good understanding of the roles each of these engineering skills play in real aircraft industry and provides enormous opportunities to develop innovative thinking and implementation.

While designing an aeromodel is highly based on engineering principles, flying part of Aeromodelling is also considered to be an expensive hobby/ sport.

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Aeromodelling - Engineering or Hobby?

Aeromodelling is widely popular as an expensive hobby for technically oriented adrenaline junkies. But, Aeromodelling also involves skills of engineering to first design the aeromodels and only a well-designed model can actually fly and perform aerobatics!

Aeromodelling basically involves making things that can fly and, therefore, quite a bit of time and resources are spent on designing the flying objects. The designing of aeromodels involves quite a few engineering concepts like aerodynamics, control systems, flight mechanics and electronics (as most of the aeromodels are Radio Controlled) and electrical components.

Moreover, aeromodelling can be the first step for venturing into the field of UAVs, which has numerous engineering applications like using them for video surveillance, espionage, remote sensing etc.

So, aeromodelling has a lot to offer for engineers with a desire to hone their multi-disciplinary skills and put them to use. And unlike the popular belief, aeromodelling is not just for hobbyist flyers!

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Aeromodelling Workshops and Competitions in IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee having a rich heritage in engineering education has a very popular technical fest – Cognizance which always has an aeromodelling workshop providing students and opportunity to create their own model airplanes.

These are the past workshops from AerotriX that happened in IIT Roorkee:

RC Aircraft Design Workshop

AerotriX organised RC Aircraft Design workshop in Cognizance'15, IIT Roorkee on 27th March, 2015 for engineering students.

The workshop helped students practically learn aircraft technology by making their own radio-controlled aircraft projects. It encouraged the participants towards solving engineering problems while following the steps for aircraft design.

   You can also organize a workshop in your College   

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