Aeromodelling - Engineering or Hobby?

Aeromodelling is widely popular as an expensive hobby for technically oriented adrenaline junkies. But, Aeromodelling also involves skills of engineering to first design the aeromodels and only a well-designed model can actually fly and perform aerobatics!

Aeromodelling basically involves making things that can fly and, therefore, quite a bit of time and resources are spent on designing the flying objects. The designing of aeromodels involves quite a few engineering concepts like aerodynamics, control systems, flight mechanics and electronics (as most of the aeromodels are Radio Controlled) and electrical components.

Moreover, aeromodelling can be the first step for venturing into the field of UAVs, which has numerous engineering applications like using them for video surveillance, espionage, remote sensing etc.

So, aeromodelling has a lot to offer for engineers with a desire to hone their multi-disciplinary skills and put them to use. And unlike the popular belief, aeromodelling is not just for hobbyist flyers!