Aeromodelling Workshops and Competitions in IIST Trivandrum

Being closely associated with ISRO, IIST Trivandrum has a well-rounded AeroClub that promotes the best in aeromodelling and other student related engineering activities. Conscientia, the institution’s tech fest was the proud host of the AerotriX Super Challenge 2013 which holds the national record as India’s Biggest Aeromodelling Competition! To view competition details, click here.

These are the past workshops from AerotriX that happened in IIST Trivandrum:

Tricopter Design Workshop

AerotriX organised Tricopter Design workshop in Conscientia'15, IIST Trivandrum on 20th March, 2015 for engineering students.

This workshop sure did excite participants to create a new variant of rotary wing vehicles - the Tricopter. The project experience proved to increase their problem solving skills and taught them how to approach an advanced engineering project.

Biplane Aircraft Workshop

AerotriX organised Biplane Aircraft workshop in Conscientia'13, IIST Trivandrum on 22nd March, 2013 for engineering students.

The workshop helped students practically learn aircraft technology by making their own radio-controlled aircraft projects. It encouraged the participants towards solving engineering problems while following the steps for aircraft design.

Delta Wing Aircraft Workshop

AerotriX organised Delta Wing Aircraft workshop in Conscientia'12, IIST Trivandrum on 2nd March, 2012 for engineering students.

The Delta wing workshop provided an opportunity to curious Engineers to explore other wing designs. This helped them understand how changing an wing structure affects the other engineering factors in an aircraft.

Ornithopter Workshop

AerotriX organised Ornithopter workshop in Conscientia'11, IIST Trivandrum on 3rd March, 2011 for engineering students.

This workshop allowed the young graduates to create ornithopters, an aircraft engineered to fly like birds. By making their own ornithopter projects, student's discovered new dimensions of aviation engineering.

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