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Student Testimonials

We are so much happy to participate in RC Aircraft workshop. Thank you for all the AerotriX team members for providing this type of practical knowledge.
- Lakshmi Naga Sai,Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engineering & Technology, Vijayawada
Due to schedule postponement, there was some lack of interest in lecture. But it turned out to be very interesting and good experience. I LOVE IT DUDE!!!
- Ankush Ghate,3rd yr Electrical student, G.H.Raisoni College of Engg, Nagpur
The CFD lecture was clearly explained and made it clear that every student can understand it and I guess this is more than sufficient for us.
- Vignesh Kumar G ,Mech 2nd Year, Shiv Nadar University, Noida
Its so interesting to learn something different.. not again ckts and resistance. Awesome workshop...! Enjoyed so much ... :)
- Vijayalaxmi Tembhurne,3rd yr Electrical student, G.H. Raisni College of Engineering, Nagpur
Lecture was very helpful for my CFD Course and I came to know about how exactly CFD software works..
- Pratheepan J ,B.E. Aeronautical – Passout, Mohammed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai
Lecturers are one of the best. Workshop was very good. Due to last minute postponement of time, we have to face some problems. But workshop is best.
- Waquar Alam,3rd ye Mech, NImra College of Engg. and TEch, Vijayawada
Interesting theory sessions with practical application problems were a good combination for the intellectual mind. The PPT was excellent and professional and we had a good hands-on experience. Felt like an engineer and proper sequential steps directed by the faculties were mind blowing.
- Ganesh Venkatesan, ,1st year Aero, Amrita University, Bangalore
I liked each and every part of the lecture. The way cross-questioning was done to clear our doubts and queries by taking the concept of bird flying was fantastic.
The best part was that we were allowed to construct our own ornithoptor. This practical knowledge helps in understanding.
- Neeraj Joshi,3rd year Mechanical student, bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut
Very excellent lecture and good examples of various types of birds and i really liked designing the wings and propellers(shafts)of the birds in AerotriX workshop.
- Shreyas Bhat ,1st Year Mechnanical Student, VVCE, Mysore
Good One!! Awesome!!
- Jai Kumar Tripathi,MSc Chem Student in Bits Goa, Goa
Lecture was good and it was an interactive session which helped our imaginative skills grow up.
- Arun Kumar M ,Mechnanical Student, VVCE, Mysore
Great Lecture. Mind Blowing. We wish to see you at our college.
- Jagadeeswaran R,2nd yr BE MEchanical, Kongu Engg. College, Erode
awesome "Nice Work"
- V.V.S.NIKHIL BHARADWAJ ,this is nikhil frm hyderabad i'm the student of aeronautical engineering frm MLR Institute of Technology, hyderabad
Its awesome to see things fly at economic prices. Workshop is so interesting.
- Karthik Reddy B,2nd yr Aeronautical, Vardhaman College of Engg
The lecture was too good and Aditya sir gave us a huge knowledge about the aeroplane and its main parts. The workshop is also very nice and gave us a lot of practical knowledge to construct an RC aircraft and all the teachers are too frank with us and cleared all the doubts!
- Ashutosh N Murkhe ,2ndYear Mechanical, Bhausaheb Mulak College of Engg, Nagpur
It is useful to our career. Now we know how the aircraft flies.
- Chidambarasankari S,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
Lecture was short, précised and very helpful for our field of interest. The workshop was a package of complete information and team was fully involved with us in practical session. Thank you aerotrix for the workshop
- Humera Syeda ,2nd Year Mechanical, SIRT
Your aircraft design methods are easy to understand. I feel better.
- Premalatha K,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
Aditya sir has taught an excellent lecture to us and we learnt a lot as we are first year students. Excellent cooperation by the faculties, they even helped us when we made mistakes. According to me, in aerotrix workshop I was much affected by temperament and assistance of the lecturers and liked the way they taught us. Thank you aerotrix.
- Shubham Bansal ,1st Year Aeronautical, Bhagwant University, Ajmer
The workshop was really a great thing, which made us to know more information about designing.
- Deena Dhayalan S,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
The lecture was excellent in which we came to know about the basics and needs of aircraft. We cleared all our doubts with the help of Aditya sir’s full guidance and we made RC aircraft with the help of Aditya sir team and overall it was an awesome experience to be a part of AerotriX workshop.
- Priya Poowa ,1st year aeronautical, Bhagwant University
Brilliant class taken by IIT Kanpur graduate. Beautiful videos are shown. The workshop is very useful.
- Anoop A.C,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was good, not was good but it was awesome. While making our aircraft we made mistakes but due to your calm nature it helped us in making proper complete aircraft. Thanks to Aditya and team.. If possible we would definately organize your workshop in our college
- Gagan Bhatia ,1st Year Aeronautical, Bhagwant University, Ajmer
I learn many things and I also make an aeroplane with my knowledge. It's all because of you. It is the best experience for me. Thanks for your team sir.
- Thanish Hitlar J,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
Lexture was very good and was in a easy language.Use of videos and photos was really beneficial for us and we learnt a lot about aircrafts that are controlled by remote. Thank you aerotrix, your cooperation in the workshop was great!
- Avinash Singh ,1st Year Aeronautical, Bhagwant University, Ajmer
I like the workshop. I dont know how these 2 days gone without making us bored.
- Shantini V,erode
Explanation given during lecture was great, it cleared all our doubts. I love to be a part of any other workshops organized by AerotriX.
- Durgesh Chauhan ,2 Mech, JMIT, Radaur
I am lucky I had this nice lecture and lecturers. I was so interested. I didnt enjoyed like this workshop earlier.
- Ragapriya S,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The workshop was inspiring, informative and enthusiastic. The lecture was very helpful and also the AerotriX team has updated our minds with info about the aircraft.
- Anuja A Pawar ,1st year civil, Amravati
Excellent Teaching and assistance in each and every step. It helps us to learn so many things which is useful to us in the future life.
- Firos Khan MK,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, Erode
An excellent lecture about the basics of aerodynamics and it was really great spending our time with you in the workshop. And i wish i would be a coordinator for AerotriX team.
- Sanjeev Kumar S ,3rd Year Aeronautical Engineering, Vandavari
This is wonderful workshop. We like to have more on this type.
- Pradeep Kumar K.S,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was very well delivered by Asish sir and all the members (Bhanu sir and Sandeep sir). The workshop was also well organized and we have enjoyed this workshop very much.. Thanks a lot AerotriX
- Shashank Shekar ,2nd Mechanical, Anand Engineering College
Very good and Excellent.
- Reju R,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture regarding aerotrix workshop is marvelous and i want it to come again because we learnt the theory as well as the fabrication regarding the aeroplane.
- P.Varun ,1st Year ECE, Sastra Kumbakonam
Excellent and Enjoyable. We are thankful to you for giving so much attention on us for minute steps also. Please give information about construction of different RC model categories.
- Vishnu Das T,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
In very short time, you have given all the fundamental things from which we easily made RC Aircraft. In workshop, i have learnt and enjoyed a lot from your team.
- Md. Rahber Hussain ,2ndYear Mechanical, Medak College of Engineering & Technology, Medak Dist
The faculty proved that he was a very good lecturer. He explained in a very simple manner. It was really helpful for us. Now we all are able to make an aircraft.
- Devikrishna S,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
Awesome one...We found it more easy and the experience was great and enjoyed it
- Marudhu R ,2ndYear Aeronautical, Adhiyamaan College of Engg, Hosur
I felt like a dream come true. Though the workshop was led by youngsters, it became very easy to grasp. I would like to say my sincere thanks to all the team members of Aerotrix for helping us.
- Aimy Jose,3rd year Aeronautical Student, Excel Engg College, Erode
An excellent lecture about the basics of aerodynamics and aeronautics! It was nice and great spending our timw with you in the workshop. Thank you AerotriX.
- Sanjeev Kumar S ,3rd year Aeronautical, Thiruvalluvar college of Engineering, Vandavasi
It was a clear and perfect lecture. The workshop was very interesting and adventurous. It gave a new experience ofmaking a new aircraft by our ideas and efforts. I wish to conduct these workshops often, such that every student will have clear idea of their practical work.
- Naveen S,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was excellent. In lecture many things were learned about the aeroplane and the workshop was also very good where we came learnt team work, how to make aeroplane and time utilization. And we all liked the way the workshop hanppened. Thank you aerotrix
- Pranita B Kherde ,2nd Year E&TC, PRMIT&R Badnera
Informative and Interesting. We heard many theory classes before but we are not having any practical idea. By this workshop we are able to imagine our aircraft and its flight.
- Arun Roy Chirayath,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was very interactive and excellent. It gave us a clear concept about the ornithopters. thank you aerotrix.
- Vishakh GS ,4 Mechanical, SCTCE Trivandrum
I like this workshop. I never attended a nice workshop like this.
- Semburathi M,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The workshop was good and we got new experience as we made ornithopther for the first time and it was THE BEST. It was so best such that I can do it at my home also and I fell very great to be a part of this workshop. It would be a great opportunity for my friends if you organize workshop in our college!
- Amit Chaudary ,3 Year Aerospace, Gurugram Institute of Aeronautical
The workshop was really interesting. The faculties were very helpful. It was an excellent workshop.
- Midhun T,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
Outstanding lecture.. we enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge and the workshop was fantastic and interesting. Frankly, our dreams came true because of participating in RC aircraft workshop. Thank you aerotrix!
- Alluri Sri Akhil Varma ,1st Year ECE, SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram
Its good and innovative. I got an idea about aircraft manufacturing techniques and the tricks behind it. We participated with lot of interest. It was practical and was very good.
- Abinaya P,1st yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was awesome... Aditya knows the excellent stuff and as promised in the website, the basics of the aeromodelling were taught well evev for a non technical student like me.
- Karan Kumar ,SRCC- Central Square Foundations
The workshop was really excellent and which made us to know many new things about aircraft.
- Manigandan D,
The lecture was good. In short span of time, we got acquainted with all the necessary information needed in designing an aircraft. Due to this workshop, it was a nice start for me in the field or aeronautics.
- Vaishali Sahrma ,2nd Year Mechanical, HBTI Kanpur
It was very useful to us and the way of communication of trainers was very good.
- Vijay Raj V,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, erode
The lecture was awesome and I got chance to learn more about aerodynamics and THE BEST thing that I liked in the workshop is that the TEAM of aerotrix are cooperative and they helped us a lot.
- Gaus Mohd. Khan ,3rd Mechanical, BBNITM Lucknow
The lecture was too good and stuffs it contained were awesome. This workshop was more than what I expected.......
- G.M.Siddarthan ,Sona college of Technology .2nd year Mechanical, Salem
Workshop was excellent.As i'm from biotechnology, the basics and the entire theory made me understand the concepts of flights. A GRAND MEMORABLE experience everlasting throughout our life's!!! Thanks you Aerotrix:)
- Niharika N C ,2nd year Biotechnology, BVBCET, Hubli
Way of conveying the points in lecture were very nice.
- Magudapathy S,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College
It was very good and interactive session. Special thanks to asish and his team for providing a memorable experience during the workshop.
- Karthik Potluri ,Mathematics student from IIT Kgp, Kharagpur
I was so much interested in the lecture as I heard lot of things which I didn't get from my courses. It was an inspiration for me.
I have seen many aircraft and I did not think I will get a chance to make one. Wow! I completed my own aircraft. The advice from lectures helped a lot on my designing. It was an amazing experience.
- Noby Benny Molly,2nd yr Aeronautical, Excel Engineering College, Erode
The lecture was very informative and knowledgeable, thanks to the team as the work at workshop was very exciting but at the same time we had to work hard, and help was always available from AerotriX team.
- Sai Krishna ,1st year E&EC Student, IIT Kgp, Kharagpur
This is my first workshop I attending in second year. I have never attended a lecture like this, we made a model of an aircraft by our own its all because of you, Thank you this workshop is really encourage able for the engineering students who are interested in design area. I have learned a lot ,which really made me to gather a lot information.
- Nithya.J ,GCT coimbator. production 2nd year, Rc workshop at nit trichy
Endless dedication and effort of the AerotriX team crew to make our project successful is truly praiseworthy. Great Job. Thanks AerotriX
- Subrato Mondal ,1st year Student, IIT Kharagpur., Kharagpur
- spo shanthini,i am the student of excel college.................., erode
The lecture was so good that it aroused my interest in it and i would wait for another event like this and also workshop helped us to develop innovating thinking.
- Hifzur Rahman ,Computer Engineer, I2IT, Pune
It was really great. The presentation and the core specifications of each and every part of aircraft was very well explained. Workshop was awesome. This is the best workshop for the beginners having interest in RC aircraft design. Had a great knowledge and experience.
- Ayush parolia ,Global institute of technology,jaipur. Electronics and communication
Really very educative, learned a lot! Very different from normal boring lectures, increased interest in aeronautics!! The workshop was very ice and gained us the practical knowledge!
- Yashodhar Upadhyay ,4th year Computers, Pune
The lecture was really knowledgeable it was complete package of theory and practical knowledge as well. Workshop was a great experience with more knowledge. The team was really very helpful.
- Gaurav Guglia ,Global institute of technology,jaipur,Electronics and communication
Workshop was very useful.I gained a lot of knowledge and had a great experience .I enjoyed flying of Rc Aircrafts
- S.Praveen Kumar ,B.Tech Aeronautical engineering 2nd year Park College of engineering and technology, coimbatore
Excellent teaching and assisting us in each & every step in the workshop. It helped us to learn so many things which is useful in future life.
- Firos Khan. M. K ,excel college of engineering & technology, Aeronautical 1' st year, pallakavaripalem
Lecture was very interactive, too good in teaching.Gained application of aerodynamics. It was really a nice experience at startup village
- K.V.Harrsha Vardhan ,B.Tech ECE 2nd year Sastra University, Tanjore
Really it is useful for me. I learned many things and I made an aero plane with my knowledge. It is all because of you & your team sir thank’s to your team
- J. Thanish Hitlar ,excel college of engineering & technology, Aeronautical 1' st year, pallakavaripalem
Lecture was really very nice and application oriented.I like Aerotrix for conducting workshop at Startup Village
- C.Abhiram Varchaswi ,B.Tech ECE 2nd year Sastra University, Tanjore
It will help me to become a great aeronautical engineer... It's the best experience for me really. Workshop is great thank’s to u & u' r team…...
- V. Vetrsvel ,excel college of engineering & technology, pallakavaripalem, pallakavaripalem
Lecture was awesome. Startup village is a nice place to conduct workshop.This is a nice place to learn new things .
- Gurajala Mohan Chand ,B.Tech mechanical engineering 2nd year Sastra university
- sankari sangi,i'm ur aerotrix student from excel engg college, erode
Lecture about aerodynamics was the best part.Team building with other students was fun and shared ideas. I had good experience at workshop
- Nirav Patel ,B.Tech aerospace engineering 2nd year, IIAE Dehradun, Dehradun
i am from EXCEL COLLEGE sir. Your class is very useful for us sir ... we are happy sir. our flight is flying very well sir. thanks for your team sir .our TEAM NUMBER IS 22.
- shanthini shanthini. v,i am excel college sri, erode
Lecture was informative. Learnt new things and basics of flight.It was a very interactive session
- Aparna ,B.Tech aeronautical engineering 2nd year Rajalakshmi Engineering college, Tamil Nadu

I want punches RC Aircraft from your workshop can you please send me detail of your aircraft.I bless you all the best.
I hope you send me tour item detail soon.

Thanks & Regards
Ashutosh Mazumdar
- Ashutosh Mazumdar,I am Network Engineer., Alibag
Lecture was amazing and got an opportunity to learn all concepts of aerodynamics .Pulled me into "AERO"
- V.Arun Meyappan ,coimbatore
Waitng to attend the workshop on RC Aircrafts at IITK with my team........
- Ganga Shankar,1st year Aeronautical Engineering student, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
Amazing, maintained a high standard and up to the satisfaction of every child. The workshop had excellent lecture and liked the way they managed things!
- Md.Tauseef Arshad ,11th CLass, Burnpur Riverside School, Asansol
- siva prakash,
The lecture was truly amazing and good info, got to learn new things, new concepts with practical applications! And the workshop was mind blowing. I really liked the way we were guided and your teaching helped us obtain the desired result! Thank you AerotriX.
- Bhavya Baxi ,3rd Year Instrumentation, RGIT Mumbai
The lecture is very good in regards of giving the knowledge of aerodynamics and aerofoil shape also provides the idea of pressure difference in a flying objects all concepts are cleared. A little amount of hard work gives us good Boomerang. This is a new experience for me to make a boomerang.
- Naveen kumar ,college of technology and engineering.Mechanical 2nd year, udaipur
Informative and exciting design for kids and new comers. Workshop was great and wonderful throughout. We liked the company of others and Lamakaan
- Kanthi Gowra and Vineet Gowra ,studying 8th class at delhi public school, hyderabad
bindaas workshop......attrective lecture.. gained lots of imp thing..
- MANIT CHOUDHARY,3rd year mech student..JIET,Jodhpur, JODHPUR
Very interesting, passionate and supreme quality lecture. The workshop was very nice and it was filled with lots of interesting things.
- Raghavendra Prasad ,mechanical final year, P.E.S.E.C, Mandya
Awesome workshop
- Ashish Sharma,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3rd yr Mechanical, Jodhpur Inst of Engg and Tech, Jodhpur
Lecture was knowledgeable and concept oriented. Cleared almost all the concepts of RC-plane designing. Good balance of theoretical and practical session during the workshop. We learnt lots of good tips about fabrication
- Abhishek R. Maudhana ,third year in electronics and tele communication, ssgie&t, nanded
It was excellent... Gained a lot of knowledge.
- Neha Soni,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3rd yr ECE, Govt. Women Engineering College, Ajmer
Lecture was really superb and knowledge increasing. It was good to have some base about the parts of an RC plane and how it works. I'm feeling really well about my first experience of designing a plane. Lecturers were all supportive, well-behaved and highly intelligent. Nice one!. AerotriX taught us the lesson of 'AUnity is Strength'. Thanks AerotriX!
- Kaustubh S. Ilmulwar ,cse 2nd year at sggsiet, nanded
Best Workshop I had attended ever :) Even belonging to non-mechanical branch, I didn't feel that I was out of topic. Very good!!
- Pooja Bhojwani,Participant in Boomerang Workshop, 3rd yr, ECE, Govt. Women Engg. College, Ajmer, Ajmer
The lectures were informative. Since I dont have any knowledge of aerospace/ aeromodelling, i got useful information and found it easy to understand. We got a lot to learn and enjoyed in the workshop
- Ashitosh S. Shirsat ,mechanical third year, vit pune
Lecture was fantastic. Appreciate your effort. The workshop was very useful for me 'cos I am interested in the branch of Aeronauical Engg.
- Lovelesh Gupta,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3nd yr Mechanical, SGSITS Ujjain
The lecture was fantastic. They told us a hell lot of new things and excellently made us understand the concepts.
- Saket A. Dhopate ,studying at vit pune - mechanical 2nd year, pune
Lecture is very knowledgeable for us. It helps us remember Aerotrix knowledge and helpful for future. Really good experience. It was amazing to make the Boomerang.
- Gaurav Vijay,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 1st yr Chemical, MNIT Jaipur
The presentation on delta wing was splendid and had all the necessary novel stuff i craved for. I have never studied late night in the past 2-3 yrs if i remember correct. having bound by the workshop exercise last night was again a renewal of the days when i knew my potential. Happy about that. The workshop had the right proportion of slides and apt lecture on relevant points
- Lakshmi Kishor Rabi ,2nd year civil student, tkmce kollam
Its very nice to be a part of it. I have learnt a lot from the lecture. To make a boomerang and designing it on our own is very nice.
- Rohan Sharma,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3rd yr Mechanical, Suresh Gyan Vihar University
Very informative and interactive lecture. It was to the point and the concepts were made easy to understand. Very interesting and innovative workshop
- Prakta Katware ,aerospace 2nd year student at srm university, chennai
Amazing and very interesting workshop. Lecture was very good but becomes excellent if it is carried for some more time.
- Kanika Gupta,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 1st yr Mettalurgical Engg. student, MNIT Jaipur
Amazing and informative lecture. Very simple and supportive procedures explained very clearly.
- Anil H ,Btech ECE 1st year, KSIT, bangalore
Lecture was very good. I am thankful to you for giving me opportunity to attend the lecture. Workshop was innovative and helpful to develop as an engineer.
- Yogesh Sharma,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 2nd yr Mechanical, SGSITS Ujjain
Informative and useful lecture. The workshop helped me to know how the rc aircraft is designed and manufactured.
- Ch. Gopi Chand ,Satyabhama university 2nd year aeronautical student, chennai
Lecture was informative, interesting and interactive. All doubts were satisfactorily cleared. Workshop was fun and enjoyable.
- Tanya Khandelwal,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3rd yr Mechanical, Jodhpur Inst of Engg and Tech, Jodhpur
Concise and to the point lecture. The workshop had systematic steps. Everything was detailed and patiently explained.
- Rajat Bheemaiah A.B ,civil engineering student - fourth year, SJCE Mysore
It was a good, short and interesting lecture with fun and lot of questions. Workshop was a lot of work but full of fun.
- Suman Kumari,Participant in Boomerang Workshop. 3rd yr ECE, Govt. Women Engg. College, Ajmer
Lecture was really informative. Workshop was systematic, neatly organised and fun to work with the team on the parts of the plane
- Shashank V.S ,final year mech engg student at MIT, Mysore
It was a nice and interesting lecture for upcoming engineers.
- Shishir Sharma,Participant in Boomerang Workshop, Manda Institute of Technology, Bikaner
Lecture was very good and understand. The workshop was interesting and I felt like I was in a competition!
- Mir Athiq Ali ,4th year aeronautical student, mvjce, bangalore
The lecture was very good in regards of giving knowledge about aerodynamics. All misconceptions cleared. This is a new experience for me.
- Naveen Kumar,Participant in Boomerang Workshop, 2nd yr, CETE, Udaipur, Udaipur
The rc aircraft design and fabrication workshop is more knoweldgeable and i thankfull of aerotrix ream, i learnt more knoweldge about aerospace,
- dharmraj sharma ,i am s cool, bikaner, rajasthan
Marvellous! I learned a lot. No confusions left. Very interesting and entertaining workshop.
- Gurpreet Kaur,Participant in Boomerang Workshop, 3rd yr CSE @ BSET, Jaipur, Jaipur
The lecture was excellent and we learned a lot about the basic terms of aircraft. The workshop was nice and we got enough guidance to prepare our own project
- Sunil Kumar Tiwari ,Mechanical first year student at sistec, bhopal
In this fast technically growing world, Aerotrix is the best platform which takes you to greater heights of learning through a journey of aero basics. It enhances one's technical skills and also provides a beautiful opportunity where you can exhibit ur hidden talents in aeromodelling...

great effort guys!..
love ur shows..! just like ur planes some day ur company will also reach greater heights :)

wish u all d best !.. waiting for more! :)
- anusha sri,Am anu.., VISAKHAPTNAM
A quite interesting lecture which covered basic concepts regarding the designing of rc aircraft. We have learnt a lot in the workshop as we have designed our own rc aircraft. It was the best group experience regarding the designing of the rc aircraft
- Priya Ranjan ,first year mechanical, sagar institute, bhopal
We were really very happy to have u as a sponsor and conduct an air show in our campus. The show was fabulous. We can tell that by seeing the crowd that came there in spite of rain. People really enjoyed the show and we are looking forward to organize a workshop by you guys in the coming year's Technozion. Thanks for being here and u guys made our day.
- Prashanth KV,Organizing Team, Technozion X, NIT Warangal., NIT Warangal
The lecture was inspirational and amazing. There is good knowledge with aerotrix and it was an amazing workshop
- Rohit Sharma ,first year, sistec bhopal
Great initiative from highly talented and passionate young engineers!
- Shashank Kapoor,MTS, Adobe Systems, Noida
The lecture covered all the concepts which are useful for designing and fabricating the rc aircraft. The workshop is very useful in many features as it gives lot of knowledge about aircraft
- Rahul Chandrabhan Nawkhare ,p.r.m.i.t.r mech student of 3rd year, amravati
A smart piece of teamwork & practice where accuracy and patience join. Nice explanation of concepts and truly adventurous event.
- Benson and Blessen - Winners of AerotriX Boomerang Workshop at Kochi,3rd year Mechanical student at Model Engineering College, Kochi and final year Electronics student at RSET, Kochi, Kochi
The interesting topic of mine was made understood well. Practical experience on the aircraft manufacturing and designing was incredible.
- Kumar Animesh ,mechanical student at sagar institute of science and technology, bhopal
- BHEEMA PALINA,student of ECE 3rd year, KAKINADA
The lecture was interesting and many new things were learnt. Workshop improved my practical skills mostly and helped me in design and calculation of rc aircraft
- Shaik Mohd Arsalan Shakeel ,first year polytechnic - mechanical engg, father agnel polytechnic, vashi
Awesome website.. and I know your work will be much more awesome :)
- Zakir Ahmed,Btech Mechanical, IIT Kanpur. Currently pursuing masters in Automobile Engineering at IFP, Paris, Paris, France
The workshop was an overall good experience and gave us a lot of knowledge about aircraft design. It was a truly wonderful experience.
- Urim L. Gomes ,mechanical engg 2nd year at agnel polytechnic, vashi
superb..its a very good opportunities for aero students...
- syed farooq,aeronautical engg student, hyderabad
The lecture presented before us did seem informative and it wasnt boring at all. The workshop was held in an excellent way, step by step, well - planned and well - managed.
- Yash R. Shinde ,1st year polytechnic student - mechanical engg, agnel polytechnic, vashi
Aerotrix gives a chance to develop ones skills and interests in aeromodelling at a larger level and it connects all people having similar passions and interests. Such a collective effort would prove worthwhile and spread awareness about aerospace. Good work guys.
- Jagadeeswara Reddy Maruri,Chemistry student @ IIT Kanpur, IIT Kanpur
The lecture was good. The visual presentation of all sorts of major activities helped in understanding the concept. The workshop was a great experience. Building our own aircraft is what we dreamt of and it had come true with aerotrix. Thanks AerotriX!
- Rohit Ranjan ,btech aeronautical 2nd year, bhagwant university ajmer
Aerotrix is the best place for all the aero lovers to hone their skills and provides them opportunities just in one click, which were really unavailable for many students in India earlier. Good work guys... keep it up.
- Pravin Gangwar,Aerosapce Engineer at Sener, Madrid (Spain), Madrid, Spain
The lecture was interesting and interactive. The information given was helpful and i can use it for my future projects. The workshop was exciting, educational and a good way to learn team work, coordination and how to actually make a working plane.
- Sanket Barapatre ,electronics and communication student - 1 year, NIT Raipur
Great work..hope this could bring down the barrier between an aspiring engineer form elite institutes with high infrastructure and others
- BHARAT THEJ,IITM, Civil engineering. Currently working at DAR., Cairo, Egypt
The lecture was impeccable and we really had a lot of fun by enjoying the new technology. The workshop was excellent and the respected members guided us well to make the plane.
- R. Abhijit ,first year mechanical student, KL University Vijayawada
good work..looking forward for some exciting events from you..All the best..
- vineela rao chukkala,CSE student at NIT Warangal, NIT Warangal
It is great opportunity to listen to lectures like this. Excellent workshop. we enjoyed a lot and we had a great experience. Thank you for your cooperation.
- G Vanaja ,ece student at KL University, Vijayawada
Very good work and awesome...surely it would be beneficial to all students..
- swaroop eswara,about me: This is Swaroop, Visakhapatnam/Bangalore
Interesting lecture. Three hours went past so easily. Information and knowledge delivered in a simple way. My fears of it being a hill for a first year student proved baseless. The workshop is interesting and enjoyable. Had lots of fun. Enjoyed the team work
- Hariprasad P ,mechanical engg. cet, trivandrum
Good work!! Hope this would be beneficial to many students and spread awareness about aero-related stuff..
- Raghu Teja,Structural Engineer at TCE, Jamshedpur
Lecture was very much interesting unlike the lectures I have seen so far. It was very much informative and not even once did i feel bored. The workshop was creative and I enjoyed it at the same time. Fun and activity packed session.
- Arjun P. Ajith ,mech engg 3rd year cet trivandrum
- Mayank Agarwal,New Delhi
The lecture had clear presentation of principles in a simple and understandable manner. The workshop was very informative and it is an interesting experience.
- Nandakishore ,applied electronics and instrumentation 3rd year CET, Trivandrum
Nice work. All the best! :)
- Rahul Gupta,Kanpur
An excellent speech comprising of every details of aerospace and aviation. The workshop helped us explore more details. This will help me in my forthcoming workshops
- Athulraj Puthaiath ,mechanical engineering second year at college of engineering, trivandrum, provides very good opportunity to learn engineering basics and apply in competitive environment. Keep up your good work!
- Abhishek Singh,Mumbai
Have been an aero-enthusiast since teenage & wanted to pursue Aerospace Engg as a bachelor's course.. couldn't clear JEE & somehow ended up with Civil in a college in Kerala.. Having taken part in Aerotrix event @ CET, Trivandrum gave like-minded folks the much awaited opening to aeromodeling. The act that we are registering or their next level- RC plane design & fab without looking forward to another team makes it clear that Aerorix is just awesome in bringing out the Aerokid in you :)
- Lakshmikanth ,B.Tech Civil 2nd yr sudent, Kollam
The lecture was so interesting and it helped me to make a quick review of my past 3 years studies on basics. An overall good performance
- Hari Hara Sudhan ,aeronautical engg. last year, VMKV engg. college, salem
It is a wonderful class which i never really attended before. It is a pleasure to our mind to attend the class and our team work made us build a wonderful flight. we were very much eager to construct the flight.
- Jestin V. Thomas ,final year mechanical mecet, marthandam
The lecture from the aerotrix team was excellent and the lecturers interacted with us like friends. The instructions given by the lecturers to make the aircraft are very good and they made us develop the aircraft in a group. thank you for that.
- Jitto Varghese ,student of eee department
It was good. Came to know about areas which are normally not discussed. It was fun and useful. Really had a great time during the workshop. It was well delivered and properly executed.
- Apoorva Singh ,3rd year eee at IET, MJPRV, Bareilly (U.P)
The lecture was good. Workshop was awesome. The workshop actually dealt with the making of the model. So it was worth attending. Thanks.
- Ruturaj M Jahagirdhar ,btech mechanical ses group of institution, faculty of engg, mumbai
Nothing is more wonderful and excellent than making a RC Aircraft by our own hands and making it fly high in the sky.
- Amrutanshu Vinod Nage ,mechanical 3rd year jdiet, yavatmal
The lecture was just excellent. The workshop was fully based on practical skills. The team team work helped us develop unity and we came to know how to work in groups.
- Akhil Avinash Bharati ,government polytchnical student at yavatmal
Lecturers of 'AerotriX' are very brilliant and having complete knowledge about aircraft production and explanation. Workshop of 'AerotriX' is really exciting and enjoyable. Thank you for visiting my college.
- Abhinav S. Tikey ,iam in mechanical first year, JDIET Yavatmal
The workshop was excellent with a clear lecture which made us to understand the concepts.The modelling and fabrication section was awesome which went till late night 10:30pm.They were very patience and made us to design our aircraft.
Thanks to The Aerotrix for a wonderful workshop.
Special Thanks to Team Adthiya
- Aswinraj ,I am 2nd year Aeronautical engg at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology sathy, Sathy
I thank AEROTRIX for helping me to know more about the 'aero' world. Designing and fabricating a model of aircraft in 2 days of workshop was unbelievable but AEROTRIX MADE IT!
- Midhun Jose ,2year-Mechaical Department, St.Joseph College of Enginnering,Palai
It was much worth and something new to us and workshop was amazing, familiarized new stuffs and WOKE UP some of the creativity in us.
- Akhil Raj ,2nd year, Mechanical, Baselion Mathews II College of Engineering
I had a great time with lecture,understanding every bit they said,and during the workshop the staff of aerotrix helped us a lot to make things by ourselves and cheered up to do with perfection and ease, It was too good!
- K.Giri Govind ,Mechanical student, Baselion Mathews II College of Engineering
Good. Workshop was excellent the guidelines were really useful. now i am confident enough that I can make my own model. Thank you AerotriX.
- K.Dowlath Basha ,eee department, kuppam engineering college, studying 3rd year
It was good and very valuable for us to learn interesting facts about aeromodeling. The workshop process is excellent but we should take special care while fabrication because it is very sensitive. The operation of aircraft should be learnt by every individual i.e. operation in radio controlled aircraft.
- D.Harsha Priya ,i belong to eee dept, Kuppam engineering college
The work shop at Gitam university was amazing.
i personally got great idea on ornithopters construction and fabrication. specially the work shop on the second day was really out standing.
- Narendra Royal ,3rd B-Tech, Aeronautical, Hyderabad
Lecture was good and made us clear about what exactly Ornithopther is.. and we arenow passionate about MAVs..Thank you aerotrix!
- Naveen Reddy.K ,2nd Year Aeronautical , Gitam, Hyderabad
Just one word 'awesome'. I liked these kind of hands-on workshop and would like to attend as many as possible. The fabrication part was really good and I am waiting for next workshop.
- T.Harish ,3rd year EEE student, CSIT Durg
It was very good. basic concepts and fundamentals were thoroughly cleared. Design and fabrication was unique and got to learn a lot of things.
- Apoorv Tiwari ,4th year mechanical student, CSIT Durg
The lecture was very good. Lecturer has the vast knowledge and has taught us lot of useful things to learn. The workshop was excellent. It was a great experience for all of us thanks to college and Aerotrix for providing this kind of workshop. From the part of aeronautics Engg. it was a great event we got sufficient knowledge about how to make a plane and how a plane flies.
- Dheraj Singh ,final year Mech. Engineer, CSIT Durg
Lecture was great and informative. It was a nice experience to make an object which can fly.
- Harish. Ch ,3rd yr Mech student, SASTRA university, Tanjavur
lecture is interesting and learn a lot about the flight of planes. The workshop is very good as the practically aid by our hands on the model.
- S.Sri Prithvi Samrat ,at present iam in my 3rd year, mechanical dept, sastra university
Knowledgeable and interesting. learning experience was good and innovative.
- Arvind. R ,i am from sastra university, pursuing mechanical engineering
very interesting and fabulous. all the teaching fac. are very interactive and helpful. Looking forward for next workshop.
- Harsha Mavoori ,electrical student from sastra university, thanjavur
Nathan is truly one of the most brilliant minds in today's world
- Abhiram Chandrasekar ,ornithopter workshop participant at sastra university, SASTRA
one of the best in the world among innovators, Nathan has revoked an interest in thinking. Excellent workshop and definitely worth every rupee. I wish it could have lasted for one more day. :)
- T.Rammohan ,3rd yr Mechanical student at SASTRA, SASTRA
The lecture of Mr. Chronister was really good and fabrication done by aerotrix was also very good.
- Venkata Sai ,student of SASTRA University, studying 2nd year mechanical
The lecture was very clear and audible. It helped us to get the clear understanding of concepts. The workshop helped me to get ideas about Aerospace.
- PR.Vigneswar ,studying mechanical, veltech, Chennai
Truly useful and concept clearly explained. It was a amazing practical which was made easy and satisfied to perform our own ornithopter. Everything was perfect and this should be encouraged by the youngsters to motivate and learn something new concept.
- M.Shanmuga Satish ,veltech university student of mechanical engg, Chennai
Lecture was nice, he spoke clearly and the concept was explained perfectly. The workshop is benefit to learn about the ornithopter and how to make it. I would like to be the part of workshop again.
- Abhilash.S ,mechanical second year from veltech, avadi, Chennai
Lecture is very good. The lecture explain point to point about the topic clearly. Workshop help us to improve our project development skills. I am happy to be a part of this workshop because it helps us to grow knowledge about our branch basic project in lecture.
- V.Gowtham ,studying 2nd year mechanical at veltech university, Chennai
Hello Sir,
Your Next shedule when will come,All are waiting but after few days college will start.
- Sunil Tiwari ,I am a student,wanna master in avio., Bikaner
nice workshop and the best one to boost up the spirit among the participants
- shyamaprasad.k ,An aero modelling lover, kerala
Sorry I am writing late But, Fascinated by planes I move to Aerotrix and they teach me how to make yours own RC.
Thx To Aerotrix

Gaurav Vaid
- Gaurav Vaid ,Single participant from north India at IIST March 2011, PTU Student Delhi
the lecture was informative and gave the necessary background to work on the model.
- varun kashyap ,participated in rc aircraft design workshop@NHCE, SIR.M. Visveswaraya institute of technology.
The workshop was excellent.Right from design session to fabrication and flying,it was informative.literally we learnt 'aerospace practically'!!
- Girish ,BE IIIyr. Mech @ NHCE, Bangalore
Amazing Experience...
First of all I was not sure that it is possible in just 16 hrs, but it has become an easy task bcoz of cooperative nature of d Instructors ...

Hats Off to team aerotrix .....
Excellent work...
- Chandan Kumar Singh ,Mechanical Engineering 2nd Year Student of LPU, India
The lecture was really good understood many concepts of aircraft and flight parameters.
workshop was interesting, being a mechanical student I enjoyed it alot, moreover learning of new things was plus point.
All the members of the workshop were really helpful and the interaction was good enough to made us clear about the fabrication concepts.
- Banojit Bhowmik ,studying mechanical engineering in LPU, Punjab
I have learnt many new technical purpose things, today i feel like I am an engineer.
- Pritesh Patwa ,3rd year ece student at ITM, Bhilwara, Rajasthan
Awesom lecture came to know many interesting facts about the Air vehichle. workshop was interactive and very productive,I enjoyed the most.
- Sharon Shaji ,4th sem mechanical, CCET, Chandigarh
the lecture was nice and it enhanced our knowledge about aerodynamics and aircraft.
the workshop is enjoyable and we have learnt many tricks and facts to make things fly.
- dinesh mitharam ekade ,mechanical student of 6th sem at rajarshi shahu college of engg., buldana
workshop was the best, the small design engine a hit to know the interiors of the engine
- Jethin Jacob ,pursuing mechanical at veltech, Chennai
The lecture was very informative and all the basics of IC enginge was covered and was easy to understand. workshop was very useful in gaining practical knowledge of IC engine.
- S.Shreedar ,currently in 6th semester mechanical engineering, Veltech University
It was nice and fully surprised n satisfied with the lecture, it was really helpful for my knowledge.
workshop was fully related to the creative things which was enjoyed by every participants and also enhanced the practical knowledge.
- Sunny Singh Bhadauriya ,doing mechanical engineering third year, Annamalai University
This was absolutely marvelous workshop ever did,I enjoyed every moment of this workshop.
- Chandan Kumar Vishwakarma ,mechanical 3rd year, Annamalai University
Awesome,I can't forget this time,satisfactory than earning money.
- K.Election Reddy ,attended delta wing design workshop at IIST trivandrum, studying in pullareddy college, hyderabad
i found the lecture very easy given by MR.ASISH.P & it could be undersood by any student of any branch of engg. aerotrix team members helped us to prepare our own glider aircraft. that was a great experience & learning with AEROTRIX.
- sumana.s.sdesai , 2nd yr, hyderabad
Awesome lecture, all the doubts were clearly explained in a best manner, fabrication part was fantastic everything were told briefly, got great help from their side .
- Joshi Chirag R ,i belong to mechanical engineering in govt engg college, Godhra
The lecture was very fantastic,and created new ideas in our mind about an aircraft.
i really enjoyed the workshop,it was an unforgettable workshop,helped me to increase my knowledge.
- mangesh pralhad khander ,student of 2nd sem mechanical dept of ssgmce, shegaon, maharashtra, india
Lecture was really interesting or we can say sound-hell, we got maximum idea about aircraft from the lecture, workshop was also very very interesting we enjoyed it to the core, it was a thrilling experience for us, we got excellent and memorable experiences from it . .
- Nikita N Tagalpallewar ,Student of electronic and telecommunication, S.S.G.M.C.E Shegoan
the lecture is nice,got to know about the basics of an aircraft.
the workshop was excellent and gave as practical knowledge about an aircraft.
- sagarsing rajendrasing theng ,doing my first year in ECE at SSGMCE, shegaon
the lecture was very nice,it was new for me . but created an interest in aerospace.
the mechanism of aircraft and the importance of each control of an aircraft was thought well .
- shailesh ramrao malode ,1st year,applied science., S.S.G.M.C.E Shegoan
the lecture was very interesting and knowledgeable,the workshop was one of my best experience after entering to the technical field.
- revati sarang virokar ,electronics and tele communication student in sri sant gajanan college of engg, shegaon
its been fantastic workshop I have ever attended. it gives tremendous knowledge about the different aspects of flying and aeronautics.
- Prasad A Taware ,belongs to 4th sem ece at sri sant gajanan maharaj college of engineering, shegaon, maharashtra
The workshop was awesome and the faculty was very friendly.Students were able to gain a lot of practical knowledge.
Wish That AEROTRIX visit our college soon.
- ASHISH GUPTA ,was the cheif coordinator in ssgmce shegaon, shegaon
The lecture was really very interactive and practical based, the overall workshop was of great worth attending the workshop and having experience about tHe TrIcKs, tHat MaKe ThInGs FlY
- Pushkar Pushpesh ,mechanical and aerospace engg 4th sem at amity university, noida
It was very informative and we were able to gain knowledge of things we were unaware of, full of interesting things and we always wanted to know how to fly a plane and finally we are able to learn it :)
- Dia Dutta ,1st year student of information technology at nit durgapur, durgapur
the lecturer was friendly and very knowledgeable,even i as a first year student got the doubts that were aroused as a result of the lecture itself cleared everything,
workshop was very useful and enlightening for interested students. The idea of first hand assembly and dis-assembly of the engine is practically very awesome.
- aseem pradhan ,mechanical engg student
its awesome n this is really helpful to the students intrested in aerotechnology.Its really creats enthusiasm in the students also who doesn't intrested too

thanx for ur wonderful gathers.
- p s p mounica manga ,Am an mechanical student in kuwl., warangal
the lecture was good and the concept was properly explained.
and the workshop was interesting.
- kumar parijat ,iam studying mechanical engineering, Rourkela
the lecture was is the first time that i attended any sort of workshop and i enjoyed it very much.
- Dev prasad murty ,at present in 1st year industrial engineering, nit rourkela
The lecture was fabulous. The workshop session was enjoyable. The step by step approach, understanding and working with friends impose fabulous imprints.
- Devidutta Nayak ,1st year student of industrial engieering, nit Rourkela
The lecture was very good, i learned many things about the glider and the concept behind the lift of was a very good experience fabricating a glider.
- shubham bhatt ,iam in 2nd year mech engg, RKGIT, delhi
the lecture was good and delivered well, workshop was conducted nicely.
- ayush gupta ,first year mechanical student at galgotia college of engineering & technology, New Delhi
Nice concept according to practical glider motion,i learnt about how the gliders fly.the workshop gave me chance to deal practically with the concept, which was very nice.
- Vivek yadav ,mechanical second year,k.I.E.T, Delhi
the workshop was very perfect,i learned about the basics of an aircraft.
- prem kumar .j ,I am a second year student of aeronautical engg at paavaai group of institution, namakkal
the lecture was very subjective from the aeronautical engineering,the workshop is perfect according to my encouraged me very much to work in aerospace sector in the future.i plan to attend all workshops conducted by aerotrix.
- sathish kumar.j ,i attended rc aircraft design workshop at rvs coimbatore, namakkal, tamil nadu
The workshop was perfect,i would like to design more models and attend all the workshops by aerotrix
- p.vinoth kumar ,2nd year aeronautical, paavai group of institutions, tamil nadu
the workshop helped us a lot to improve skills to design and fabricate an aircraft
- S.Vimalanathan ,studying aeronautical at thiruvalluvar engg and tech, vandavasi
it was very usefull,we gained practical knowledge from this workshop and it also gave us good basement for future studies.
- mukesh krishna.R ,iam from aeronautical branch second year, Adhiyamaan college of engineering,Hosur
The Lecture gives us a better knowledge about the physics behind aeronautics and also the practical knowledge better thank you AEROTRIX and i wish you to come and visit our THIRUVALLUVAR COLLEGE OF ENGG & TECH,Vandavasi and give us more practical knowledge in aeronautics
- Sathish Kumar ,Nice guy, Vellore
the workshop was very interesting,it is one of the program to bring our talent on to the subject and i feel very lucky to participate in this workshop
- S.vigneshwaran ,aeronautical second year at pmc , hosur, tamil nadu
i like the workshop very much,it was very useful for me, i got to learn the basics of an aircraft and its designing.i thank aerotrix for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
- g.v.venilraj ,knowledge institute of technology, scsvmv university, kanchipuram
the workshop was very innovative and useful,basics are very interesting and i am happy to be a part of it
- A.ajin branesh ,i study aeronautical engineering third year at pmc hosur, tamil nadu
the lecture was excellent and innovative,workshop was good and it increased creativity in us.we got a chance to expose our own creativity in the workshop.
- K.Tara Timsina ,ece third year, pmc tech, hosur
The lecture was very good, we got to know about the birds flight
we enjoyed a lot doing this workshop and we got a good experience on flapping wing ornithopters
- S.Gugan ,fourth year mechanical engineering student at pmc , Hosur, Tamil Nadu
lecture was good and very easy to understand,aerotrix team helped us a lot to build our ornithopter
- M.gokul ,i belong to eee 2nd year of K.Ramakrishna college of Engineering, trichy
really aerotrix program is very nice and useful to our college and to me.From that i can able understand the work of ornithopters but i likes rc planes workshop also we want it will very thanks 1 and present in our colege
- Rajasekaran ,im studying aeronautical engg i likes to do something to do for our country, hosur
The lecture was good and workshop was excellent.
I would really like to make a remote control aircraft,which would really be more interesting.
- V.L.Sai Bhargav ,second year of mechanical engineering , hyderabad
The lecture was very good and easy to understand.students gains practical knowledge in these kind of workshops.
The workshop was satisfying and it was good to be a part of the workshop
- L.Shashikala ,electronic and communication student at griet, hyderabd, andhra pradesh
the lecture is good,and aerotrix team was good at clarifying our doubts and helped us in fabricating an ornithopter
- S.Mounika ,ece first year, gokaraju rangaraju institute of engineering and technology, andhra pradesh
The lecture was good and easy to understand,and its excellent that i have learnt many things with this workshop.just like the flying of an aircraft and the functioning of all the controls
- Adepu Vinod kumar ,first year mechanical., griet, hyderabad
Was good ,knowledgeable. Would like to have such sessions in our camps, was manageable and quite innovative.
- Shweta.Yavagal ,civil engg 3rd year student at kleit, hubli
The lecture was very intresting & interactive,the workshop was really full of fun, it was really veary amazing
- Akhila.G.Sardeshpande ,computer science engineering third year , kleit, hubli
The lecture was very good and very informative. The workshop was really good as things were made by students only.
- Sachin M. Bagi ,B.V.B.C.E.T., Hubli
The lecture was very informative. It was presented well and was very well put across. The hand-on approach was a good experience although I wish there was scope for innovation.
- Abhinandan. S ,National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
The lecture was good and we got good knowledge about the aircrafts and its related terminologies. The workshop was fun and interesting. We really learned a lot about the importance of aircraft design.
- Kishan SR ,National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
- somveer ,i m a creative mind person looking to do something new in the field, faridabad
The lecture was interesting with a good presentation and the videos were interesting too. It is a very good way to make the students design their own planes.
- Sahas Chaturvedi ,Amrita University
The lecture was very educative. Helped in understanding the basics of aerodynamics and flight. The workshop was very interactive and well-organised. It helped gain hands on experience. Good facilities and components provided.
- Shiv Menon ,Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore
Lecture is gave a good knowledge and collection about an aircraft. The workshop experience was awesome and it is an excellent time which i spent in. Thanks AerotriX group for the was a pleasure to participate in this workshop
- N. Sai Chandra ,KITE College of Professional Engg. Sciences
Nothing else is required than whatever taught in workshop to build an aircraft. Full hands on special care for every work by mentors. Thanks... thanks a lot!. To my knowledge nothing else is required for beginners.
- K. Bharath Kumar ,Panineeya Institute of Technology & Science
A very amazing and a very enthusiastic workshop by Team Aerotrix.Each and every participant of the workshop was enthralled by the RC airshow and the new concept of Ornithopters imparted to them and gave the feedback that this was the best workshop they had attended till date. Therefore I as part of the organizing group and as part of Team Soaring Eagles would like to thank Team Aerotrix for coming to our college and we hope that in future also we organize workshops on RC Flying in our college with Soaring Eagles in association with Aerotrix.Once again thanks a lot for the amazing workshop.
- Kamran Akhter ,Mechanical Engg. Student,Team Soaring Eagles, S.I.T Tumkur
Lecture was informative and novel. Nobody's ever given a workshop on the topic before. Workshop was fun and involving. Good hands-on experience and allows application of theoretical knowledge in practical life.
- Divya Ravichandran ,SIT, Tumkur, Ornithopter Workshop Participant
It was a better lecture compared to our teachers lecture. We could understand in his first explanation itself. This was the best workshop I have ever seen. I have learnt many practical things and had fun.
- Waseem Ahmed ,SIT, Tumkur, Ornithopter Workshop Participant
Lecture was very interesting and entertaining one. I had only theoretical knowledge about the bird flight but this workshop has provided me with practical knowledge by making a ornithopter of our own which i liked very much.
- Gaurav Yadav ,SIT, Tumkur, Ornithopter Workshop Participant
The lecture was very informative and it was described in a very well manner so that all of us got it very clearly. It was really a very helpful workshop for all of us. We got an innovative idea to make ornithopters of our own.
- Abhilasha ,SIT, Tumkur, Ornithopter Workshop Participant
Excellent A+ lecture with very nice ppt. Nice practical session providing us an opportunity to understand the basics of an aerofoil as was as flight
- Jithin K. Vijayan ,Visawajyothi College of Engg. & Tech., Vazhkulam
The lecture was really good and informative. The workshop was the best part of the program and was really fun. We gor first hand knowledge on design of wings, aerofoil, structure etc.

- Mathew George ,Govt. RIT, Kottayam
It was good. We had a visual look of the concept apart from what we had studied in text books. We got more knowledge than what we got in our class room.
- Anu. C ,SCT Institute of Technology, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Wokrshop was very worthy, we learnt a lot, good examples used for basic design of an aircraft.
- Sonu Rekha .K ,Park College of Engg. & Tech., RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Was good was informative and a great value addition. The practicals were great.
- Sundara natarajan .P ,NIT Trichy, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
It was quite helpful. We were able to get new ideas abt the RC plane. It was really awesome experience, teachers were very helpful. Atmosphere in which we were working was very good.
- Sahil Mohan ,B M S College of Engg, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
This workshop is good & very useful to me. Now iam cleared with basic.
- Makilesh.K ,Nehru Institute of engg & tech, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Excellent I got more theory information about Aircraft.It was challenging & intresting,till now I have just studied the theory now while doing practical iam enjoying and learning

- Wasim Akram ,Shirdi Sai Engg College, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Tell me I will not understand,show me I may understand, involve me I will understand.This quote sums up what we have done in the workshop. We basically learnt how an aircraft is made and it was very usefull.
- Sai Balaji T.S ,NIT Trichy, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
The lecture was superb,clear and very informative. Modelling an aircraft and making it is a mind blowing experience.
- N.Ranjith Pratap Singh ,B.S.Abdur Rahman University, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
I learned lot about aircraft modelling, workshop was a great time for me to learn the basics of aircraft design.
- Kiran kumar Sahoo ,IIIT Bhuwaneshwar, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
It helped me to understand the basic concept of aerodynamics and design of aircraft. Workshop gives us practical knowledge of designing an aircraft.
- Nipjyoti Bharadwaj ,Assam Engineering College, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Really impressive, got to know many concepts about aircraft & how they really fly. It was wonderful to construct a plane for the very first time with my friends. Had lots of fun & learned many things.
- Arindam Bhattacharjee ,Assam Engineering College, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Aerotrix lecture helped me to make my concepts clear and give me the opportunity to know many things related to aircraft, I learnt how to make the aircraft design and working principle of it.
- Suman Sharma ,Assam Engineering College, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
A very helpful workshop which helped us in understanding the basic details and wonderful world of aeronautical science.
- Sankalpa Pattnaik ,IIIT Bhuwaneshwar, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
Frankly speeking this was the first lecture that I attended in IIT-G.I found the lecture impressive and it didn’t lack any charm.
- Jyotinov Mudiar ,Assam Engineering College, RC Aircraft Workshop Participant
its good for young brains.
- k.ravi kiran gowda ,i am a aeronautical engineer, hosur
It's really interesting and unforgettable. We Enjoyed and experience each & every second of workshop. Its highly useful....
- b.vimala ,b'tech 4th yr, Hyderabad
Sir m from IIT Kanpur and have heard a lot about your lectures before workshops. I was not able to attend your workshop in techkriti'11 but now want to attend one . Please tell me where i can attend one nearest and earliest !!
- Jeetesh ,IIT Kanpur, student, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Hello to 'AEROTRIX GANG', we are proud to say that, now we all kown that how to make an aircraft in an thermocoule and set the motors in that thermocoule and it will fly in the sky very successfully. But we want another training our 'EXCEL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY' like that one, but we need atleast 5 days to learn that to make an airacraft, but in new style of aircraft in model.BYE TO AEROTRIX FRIENDS.
- gjsselvaraj ,i am student, komarapalyam near erode
Being a 1st year aerospace student it was a very exciting experience. Which help me to know more about my field every thing thought was very clear. The lecture was very attractive.
- Nakul sofat ,UPES Dehradu, Aerospace
The lecture was really outstanding. It was in an understandable way and the lecture was friendly. I loved the workshop very much & thank AEROTRIX for organizing such a wonderful & useful workshop.
- pulukuri david sujay ,kakatiya institute of technology and science, mechanical 1st year, warangal
Lectures are good and helpful. They are friendly and show responsibility to each and every student. Workshop is different and good. The model making is new and good one. The co-ordinate’s are helpful in making the difficult one, which is good.
- kathi.sowmya sri ,kakatiya institute of technology and science, mechanical 1st year, Ornithopter workshop
It was my first workshop of aerotrix & it was really good. Lecture & workshop was too good. I really enjoyed it now we know hoe to design & constructed the plane. It was my first experience and I hope we will mat net time for event...
- CH. Vijay Kumar ,institute of aeronautical engineering, hyderabad, Aeronautical 3'nd year, IIST RC aircraft design workshop
The workshop conducted was awesome and was not only study oriented but also I enjoyed it a lot. I have even decided to do my MINI PROJECT on Radio controlled aircraft after getting trained in this workshop.
- T. Manoj ,kalasalingam university, Mechanical 2nd year, IIST, RC aircraft design workshop
This is very good move for us and feel. Very good to attend this type of lecture. Lecture was very very good and totally knowledgeful. This workshop is great move for engineers. Because of it’s my view is totally changed. Now I can do any thing .At least I’m very appreciate after this.
- manish bhadouriya ,SGSITS. Mechanical 2nd year, ujjain
The lecture was good. Work was what we did. We really worked unlike other workshops, where we used to listen to the lecture & SLEEP; we forgot sleeping and kept on working.
- Partha Pratim Borah ,kalasalingam university, Mechanical 2nd year, IIST, RC aircraft design workshop
I think lecture is good those students never studied about aircraft can also understand the thing. Workshop was fully satisfied.
- Deepak Singh Niranjan ,annamaliai university. 2nd year Mechanical
The aerotrix team, having commence knowledge at the same time great experience really helped us to get knowledge from their lectures. The core details and specification and logic behind every concept was properly explained. It was really a bench mark for RC aircraft design. Having my interest in RC aircraft. this workshop completely helped me to fly my interest and gaining great experiences really learnt a lot thanks allot.
- Abhimanyu singh udawat ,Global institute of technology,jaipur. Electronics and communication
Lecture conducted was appreciative. Team comprises of two members & both of them are talented and knowledgeable people. Workshop conducted by AEROTRIX team was excellent.
- Anshul Kumar Roy ,punjab institute of engineering & applied research,mechanical 2nd year
Lecture was good and explanation was up to the mark of the students. Workshop was interesting & it's good have to in our college. We enjoyed a lot. Something new from our subject's...........
- A. S. V. M. Nithin Kumar ,kakatiya institute of technology and science,Mechanical 1st year, warangal
Lecture is very nice and the way. They answered every question we asked. The workshop is very interesting & making the model of ornithopter is good.
- G. Mounika ,kakatiya institute of technology and science, Mechanical 1st year, warangal
It was very informative and is helped us to understand more about basics of bird flying. On doing this workshop I’m in a position how to handle the major projects in technical education.
- Dingari sreeram ,kakatiya institute of technology and science,Mechanical 1st year, warangal
The lecture was very useful and informative as well as innovative. It will be useful to young engineers like us. Rc workshop is very innovative & exiting experience for me and my team. It improved my understanding about aircrafts.
- D. Vignesh ,kumaraguru college of technoogy, B.E Aeronautical 3' rd year, IIST, RC aircraft
Lecture was simple to understand and easy to apply in the workshop. Well planned & nicely conducted.
- P. Vijay Raj ,institute of aeronautical engineering, hyderabad,Aeronautical 3'nd year, IIST, RC aircraft design workshop
It's really interesting and unforgettable. We Enjoyed and experience each & every second of workshop. It’s highly useful.
- Govind. M. Shankar ,kalasalingam university, Mechanical 2nd year
The lecture was very awesome. Workshop was very nice I enjoyed doing it.
- Abul Faizal. S ,nooral islam college of engineering, B.E Aeronautical 3'rd year, IIST, RC aircraft design workshop
It’s very useful we learnt a lot from that lecture. We learned to calculate chord, span of wing etc., . Workshop is very useful. They thought us very clearly.
- S. Suganya ,bannari amman institute of technology, B.E Aeronautical 2' nd year, IIST, RC aircraft workshop
It was very useful think it will help me in future. Workshop was very good. I gained knowledge from it.
- jaitu upadhyaya ,kalasalingam university, E&I 2nd year, IIST, RC aircraft workshop
Lecture was so informatics. It’s gave us clear cut idea of how an aircraft works. Workshop was good. It’s really good to Fabricate our own aircraft of won design instead of duplicating or assembling the kit's or part’s…
- R. Sruthi ,kalasalingam university, E&I 2’nd year, IIST, RC aircraft
We had a great time. By your lecture we came to know what exactly the ornithopter is. We got good experience in doing workshop.............
- Mohd. Ibrahim Ali Khan ,nimra institute of science & technology, Aeronautical 2nd year, vijayawad
Good lecture and it increase our knowledge and interest in aerotrix is developed through this. It is time consuming and good lecture be a part of workshop. It is good and gives us a lot of knowledge. It’s totally based on practical and new things are invented through this.
- Rohit kumar sharma ,poornima institute of engineering and technology. CSC 3'rd year
Lecture gives very impressive information in the best way. We learned many things from this workshop. Students are showing very much interest in doing this workshop.
- P. Murugan ,kalasalingam Universtiy.Mechanical 2' nd year
It was useful & fabulous in making the hovercraft
- A. Leo Dixon ,sri rama krishna engineering college, Mechanical 2nd year, Coimbatore
Very interactive lecture. Very informatic each and every doubt was clarified. Entire team was very helpful, guiding us through the construction of the model.
- shubhang tiwari ,KS institute of technology,banglore. CSE 3'rd year, Bangalore
THE FANTA FANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC AEROTRIX TEAM , IT is the best place for all the aero lovers to hone their skills and provides them opportunities just in one click, which were really unavailable for many students in India earlier. Good work guys... keep it up.
- ramesh sharma ,eee student at aurora's group, hyderabad
This is my first workshop about aeronautics and I’m very happy to know a lot about aircraft design in my first workshop itself. Your practical approach to the subject is really good. Very interactive, kindled our brains to finish the design in time and really helped me in the making of the aircraft design. Really good.
- Elanjsooriyan.V.N ,GCT,Coimbatore. 3rd year mechanical
That was really nice. We got to know very new form highly qualified lecturer. It was great to spend time and work with whole team.
- Atul Ranjan ,punjab institute of engineering & applied research, mechanical 1' st year
You people are really doing a good job of conducting workshops and making us to bright up ourselves in different aspects..
i wish you all the best and i hope you will conduct many workshops like this
- Zack ,hyderabad
This is my first workshop about aeronautics and I’m very happy to know a lot about aircraft design in my first workshop itself. Your practical approach to the subject is really good. Very interactive, kindled our brains to finish the design in time and really helped me in the making of the aircraft design. Really good.
- Elanjsooriyan.V.N ,GCT,Coimbatore. 3'rd year mechanical, RC workshop at nity trichy
It is very nice & useful for us. We know something about the aircraft thanks for good lecture. We learned hoe to make the aircraft, that's very useful for my future.
- Shiju. R ,Maharaja engineering college, B.E Mechanical 2nd year, IIST, RC aircraft workshop
Fun and enriching expreience. Highly Interactive and Informative lectures. Hardworking and friendly team.
Best part is that these people would never get fed up of students asking for the same thing again and again but would rather clear the doubts with patience which is a true proof of their dedication and love for their work.
Thank u all for coming. Had an Amazing time.
Cheers! :)
- Shalini Das, 1st Year, IIST, Trivandrum
The lecture was very essential as we came across many fact about aerodynamics. The workshop was conducted in a very good manner and was very interesting .the beauty of workshop is participants come from different states. I thank you for giving me this opportunity of making an aircraft model. I learnt that there is no achievement without hard work.
- S.Sathesh Kumar. ,Government College of Trchnology. 3'rd year mechanical, Coimbatore.
It was an awesome lecture by the faculty and it cleared lot of our concepts. As in the 1st year, it was not expected to know this much, but this lecture helped me knowing about my field.
- Akshay Grover ,university of petrolium and energy studies, Deharadun. Aerospace
The lecture was very interesting, the presentation made difficult topics simpler. The session was also interactive. Workshop conducted in a very helpful manner. All the requirements & necessities were very well managed.
- Nachiketa Tamhane ,poornima college of engineering, Mechanical 2nd year, RC workshop @ bits pilani
Lecture was great it shares lot of practical knowledge about the particular subject related to RC Aircraft design. Workshop was awesome can’t explain in my words. I want to take part in more such workshops.
- Rahul Chudhary ,JIET jodhpur, Mechanical 3' rd year
It's really good experience. The workshop was really worthwhile and skillful.
- Gaurav Nemani ,kakatiya institute of technology and science, mechanical 1st year, warangal
Lecture is very good and the way of saying it was fluent & helpful. The way of doing model is very interesting, they way they thought us was nice.
- P.Srujana ,kakatiya institute of technology and science,Mechanical 1st year, warangal
The lecture was good.iam very thankful to the team of Aerotrix for giving this good lecture in our college.iam very happy to conduct this workshop in our college learn some important things in this workshop and get some confident for making things...........
- P.Rukmini ,kakatiya institute of technology and science,Mechanical 4'th year, warangal
Lecturers were good and very supportive. Workshop is difficult and good, with helpful co-ordinates. A deep discussion of model making.....
- gali.sowmya ,kakatiya institute of technology and science, Mechanical 1st year, warangal
The lecture was nice, which included all the basic concepts of flying. Workshop was different from the previous workshops, the AEROTRIX people were helpful and co - operative.
- D. Vivek Anand ,institute of aeronautical engineering, hyderabad, Aeronautical 3'nd year
Really Exciting. Had to work hard. Good concept's, which will be helpful. Had to attend tiil late night but worth the time konwledge we gained.
- Ridip Ranjan Hazarika ,kalasalingam university, Mechanical 2nd year
In the workshop I got the clear idea about the plane as well as the fundamentals of an aircraft, forces acting on it & configurations.
- Thamaraikkannan. G ,hindhusthan college of engineering & technology, Aeronautical 3'nd year, IIST, RC aircraft design workshop
Lecture was good, every concept’s from the basic were thought. It’s easy to unstinting for other branch student's also. Workshop kit, materials, organizing everything was well & good.
- Vasudevgan. G ,kumaraguru college of technoogy,B.E Aeronautical 3'rd year, IIST, RC aircraft workshop
Lecture was good and interesting. It’s easy to understand for all departments. Workshop was good & interesting.
- V. Rajashree ,kmaraguru college of technology, aeronautical 2nd year, IIST RC aircraft workshop
I like the lecture very much, the way you explained can easily understandable. This workshop makes me to gain some knowledge about the air craft design
- p.saras sheeba ,kalasalingam university, E&I 2nd year, IIST, RC aircraft workshop
It’s a very good experience to me & useful. The workshop nice & for the 1st time I designed and fabricated a radio controlled aircraft this is great to me…
- Unnikrishnan. V ,excel college of engineering & technology, Aeronautical 2nd year, pallakavaripalem
It will help me to become a great aeronautical engineer... It's the best experience for me really. Workshop is great thank’s to u & u' r team…...
- M. Kailashnath ,sri rama krishna engineering college, Mechanical 2nd year, Coimbatore
Quite interesting, knowledge full, entire lecture carried away mind from the lecture hall to the basics of the workshop made me clear about the importance of my dept and hence made my thoughts clear. Fantastic and delightful along with providing a whole some amount of knowledge about the basics of a flight and working of an aircraft…
- himanshu chahar ,university of petrolium and energy studies,Deharadun: Aerospace
I like the lecture. I' m lucky to have this nice lecture and lecture. It was so interested. The workshop was so useful & interesting
- Ragapriya. S ,excel college of engineering & technology, Aeronautical 2nd year, pallakavaripalem
hello sir we feel that this workshop is very useful to us we need the another workshop to our college.
- suwathy ss,i am a student, erode
hello sir we feel that this workshop is very useful to us we need the another workshop to our college.
- suwathy ss,i am a student, erode
The lecture was really too good and we wish they should help more students to excel in there types of event which is wonderful. The workshop makes us to learn some tactics to change way of doing some work or a job. I really feel good as a part of this workshop. Aerotrix Rockzzz.
- J.Tony Anton ,karunya university. 2nd year Mechanical
Essential lectures were organized in a very systematic manner. Discursive section was really productive interactive session was well worth and students themselves participated with great enthusiasm. It is really a matter of honor to organize an event such as ornithopter at BITS Pilani, Goa. This develops innovative thinking and is the platform for creative approach...
- G.Gunakar venkat yadav ,githam university. E.E.E
The lecture was very conceptual and interesting. It was our first exposure to aircraft design. Workshop was interesting and it made us work hard for 2 day’s to build an aircraft, it was a good technical experience for us.
- Rajat Ranjan ,kalinga institute of indutrial technology,.Mechanical 1st year, Odisaa
Lecture was quite interactive session and was very good. It is really interesting and is more affluent. This workshop is quite effective in bringing out designing talent and focus oriented.
- M.Mounika ,githam university. E.E.E
It was really interesting and wonderful experience. Got some real practical knowledge.
- Srikesh M,1st yr Mechanical student, GITAM University, Hyderabad, Hyderabad
It was good opportunity to learn the physics behind flying of birds and ornithoptor itself. It was a good "practical" experience where theory was well applied in practice.
- Gauri jagatap,1st yr MSc Physics, Bits Pilani Goa Campus
Awesome!! Great learning experience.
- Shashank Gupta,3rd yr ETC student, SSIPMT
I am very rare attending classes and w/s because I find them boring. But this w/s was really interesting and I loved it :)
- Ajit Bharadwaj,2nd yr IT student, NIE Institute of Technology, Mysore
A new experience of learning
- Vamsi SVN,3rd year Mechanical department, RCET Bhilai
The best lecture I've attended in the recent past. Exciting workshop.
- Aditya VVH,3rd year Mechanical student, MVSR Engg. College
Continue the good work! :)
- Shreyak Yadav,1st yr Physics student, Bits Pilani Goa Campus
Lecture: **** 4/5
Workshop: *** 3/5
- Kaustubh Dhole,1st yr student, Bits Pilani Goa Campus
It is simple superb and interesting workshop.
- Gireesh T,2nd yr BTech, Koneru Lakshmaian University, Vijayawada
It is really a matter of honour to organize an event as such at BITS PIlani, Goa. This develops innovative thinking and is the platform for creative approach.
- Gunakar Venkat Yadav G,1st yr EEE student, GITAM University, Hyderabad