AerotriX Winter Training Program

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AerotriX Winter Training Program on UAV making, Automobile Engineering and CFD

Don’t let the Engineer inside you hibernate during the upcoming winter holidays! It’s just the perfect time to shift your focus from academics to project-based learning. With AerotriX Winter Training Program, you will work on some fascinating projects in unmanned aerial vehicles, automobile engineering, and computation fluid dynamics. Here’s an overview of the courses available at 13 cities across India.

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Sphere Drone and Quadrotor

The Indian government now plans to use home-grown military UAVs. And if things go well, the ban on civil aircraft applications will be lifted by next year! So now is your time to cash in and learn UAV making skills.

Sphere Drone

In the 40 hours of this course, you will work on two aeromodelling projects and develop working models at the end, the first being a Sphere Drone. You may already be familiar with spherical shaped drones if you are a hardcore fan of science fiction movies. In reality, this ingenious design was first brought up by the Japanese defense ministry. The idea took off instantly and is now pursued by aviation enthusiasts from all over the globe. When designing your Sphere Drone from scratch, don’t get weary of the word ‘unconventional’, because you’ll be hearing that a lot!

Quadrotor drone

The second project is the Quadrotor - a model helicopter powered by four rotors - which you should be aware of given the popularity of these flying machines (and of course 3 Idiots). Coming into scene in the early 19th century, these multi rotor drones have now evolved to serve limitless real-world applications. You’ll be starting with nothing but scratch components to build a Quadrotor. Here are the steps you’ll follow:

  • Assemble frame and mount hardware speed controllers, motors and other electronics
  • Setup the flight control board, the brains of a Quadrotor
  • Mount batteries, solder connections and install transmitter-receiver modules

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD training at AerotriX

If you find mathematics and computation interesting, CFD will give you a blend of both. It is basically a technique to solve fluid mechanics problems in engineering systems with the help of computation. This course certified by Altair Engineering will involve students to work on real life problems using industry grade software.

Developed in collaboration with experts from Altair Engineering, this course provides you an opportunity to solve problems related to Internal Flow and External Flow, Conduction, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Turbulence models, Transient Analysis, Compressible flow and Natural convection. You will be getting an exclusive student license for using Altair’s Hyperworks software.

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IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping

Propelled by the Make in India programme, the Indian automobile industry aims to create 65 million jobs in the next decade. To do this, the industry demands more practical skills. And that’s what you’ll find in abundance during this course.

IC Engines

Many engineering students know what is inside an internal combustion (IC) engine, but how many of them are actually interested to have a first hand experience of the internal parts? Well, in this workshop, you will dismantle a life size motorbike engine down to individual components. You will practically understand the internal working mechanism and visualize how 20 odd parts get machined into a 180cc work of art. So come over and start wrenching!

Radio-controlled car

After exploring the heart of the automobile, you will work on an automobile prototype which can be operated by a radio-control. The fully functional prototype you will be building from the basic will have all components - Chassis, Suspension, Transmission and Steering. You may have played with one when you were young, but these vehicles are more than just toys. There are world level competitions like BAJA which challenge even the smartest of Engineers! So by making your own functional automobile prototype loaded with all major components, you will know all you ever wanted to know about automotive construction and its working.

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You can attend the Winter Training Program at these cities – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi,Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Visakhapatnam. If you have any questions regarding the courses, feel free to call us at 1800-200-3855 or write to us at Happy learning this winter!