Why our Participants Love us!

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Engineering students love our hands-on workshops

What fun would a cricket match be if we didn’t know the score! At AerotriX, we score ourselves with student feedback. As an organization that constantly aims to improve, we actively seek for and welcome student suggestions to enhance the hands-on learning experiences we create for them.

After the conclusion of workshop activity, students answer open-ended questions in a feedback survey. Here’s what some recent workshop participants had to say about AerotriX:

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Vinay Chetnani

During the whole course of the workshop, I could freely clear my doubts. And it feels very good when you see that the thing you were making is just perfect and is flying in the air! This makes you satisfied and makes you think that this workshop is worth attending. – Vinay Chetnani, IIT Delhi

Ram Kumar

The workshop gives an in-depth knowledge of flight mechanics and aerodynamics. Both theoretically & practically. They ensure that the model made by the team flies properly & is stable. This is my first & best training workshop attended, forget about the cost of the kit. – Ram Kumar, SRM, Chennai

Farhaan Lala

This workshop surpassed my expectations! The trainers were professional and very friendly with us. They emphasized on teaching and creating a productive learning environment. Each one of us could learn and share our ideas with encouragement from the trainers. – Farhaan Lala, NAFL, Bangalore

Amrita Mallick

The workshop was highly technical, the trainers were compatible with us and understood our mindset. Even though we didn’t know much, they let us know all concepts so that we could do the projects. We were also encouraged to think innovatively. – Amrita Mallick, MVJ COE, Bangalore

Dinesh K. E.

It was a new experience for me. I enjoyed it and gained knowledge that will be very useful for my future career. I also made good friends from different regions making the workshop even more interesting. We learned aircraft fabrication with full enjoyment and interest. We will not forget you all! – Dinesh K.E, PEC, Namakkal

Ankush Suresh

Amazing workshop yet again! Aerotrix and Skyfi Labs are really improving their standards by the day. Learned a lot and quite impressed by the way the workshop was held. Takes interesting to a whole new level! Keep it up! Looking forward to attending more of the workshops. Best luck!! – Ankush Suresh, SIT, Pune

Also, we recently had a candid discussion with our participants in Bangalore. Watch them share their experiences:

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