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Learn Mechanical in a hands-on manner by building projects. Use Mechanical kit (shipped to you in 24 hours) to build skills through online tutorials designed by experts. Join students from 67 countries who are learning Mechanical in this exciting way! You also get 1-1 doubt clarification sessions from experts to help you during your course. Free Demo available for all Mechanical Online Courses. Select a topic below to start.

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3D Printer

3D Printer


Learn, design & build your very own 3D Printer

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Automobile Prototyping

Automobile Prototyping


Understand various automobile systems & build an RC car prototype hands-on

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CNC Machine using Arduino

CNC Machine using Arduino


Understand manufacturing technology & build a 3 axis CNC machine from scratch

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Mechanical Classroom Workshops

Aeromodelling Classroom Workshops

FAQs on Mechanical Online Courses:

    Who can take up this course?

    Although these courses come with eligibility criteria and requirements, they are also meant for engineering students from any field. Even working professionals can take up the course to upskill.

    Should I return the kits once I complete the course?

    Nope, once you've enrolled in the course the kit belongs to you. And here’s the best part, if you're looking at taking up an upgradation, then you only have to pay for the extra components of the kit and the course fee.

    How do I clear my doubts?

    Our classes and courses come with options wherein you can schedule a meeting with our finest trainers and clarify doubts. The trainers are extremely helpful and will assist you with your projects, doubts, and queries.

    Once I’m done with the course, will I still be able to access the tutorials and videos?

    Yes, you can. These videos are available for a lifetime and you can access them anytime and anywhere. You could also use these videos for future references and guidance too.

    What kind of certification will I be awarded after the completion of the course?

    You will receive smart certificates after completing the course. These certificates can be verified by anyone anywhere. The certificates carry all your achievements from the course.

    Is Mechanical hard to Study?

    We are not going to lie, but it is. Mechanical engineering is a field that has a great deal of math, science, physics, chemistry, and many more things. This is a pretty diverse field that requires many technical skills. It deals with many technological advancements such as airplanes, phones, automobiles, and so much more that are designed to improve human ease. Mechanical engineering touches most feels of engineering although you do not have to learn every field of engineering in-depth. These courses and workshops will give you just that.

    Is Mechanical good for the Future?

    It most definitely is! The scope of Mechanical Engineering is quite promising. The field brings you several opportunities in all kinds of manufacturing industries, aerospace engineering, government sectors, public welfare departments, and even in the field of defense too. This field does promise you strong annual salaries too. The reason behind this is that engineers in the field of mechanical engineering are skilled with topics and concepts from other fields of engineering too. It calls for skilled personnel in software like CAD, 3D printing, Arduino, and project management tools like Primavera and many more. These courses offer you hands-on and practical experience with industrial-grade software and projects too.

    Is Mechanical Engineering in demand?

    Not only are they profitable but they are also quite high in demand. The growth opportunities are constantly increasing and the is expected to grow to about 10% by 2030. This means better job opportunities with better salaries. This is also because they fit in most industries and they can almost perform and work on most projects. Most manufacturing companies and industries have complex machinery and mechanical engineers are in constant demand to help with the design or the planning of this equipment.

    Do Mechanical Engineering Courses with online classes help?

    Yes, they do. Mechanical Engineering skills are the most sought-after skills in a variety of fields and industries. From medicine to construction, aeronautics to transportation, if any of the devices need movement, a certain design, testing, and manufacturing, a mechanical engineer is most likely needed. Online Mechanical Short-Term Courses or Advanced Mechanical Online Courses are a good place to start learning about the field. Now you can go offline, but that will require you to pay a huge amount of money and then sit in a class filled with students. Online Classes eliminate all of that and bring you courses at a much more affordable rate. They also allow you to develop skills at your own pace, all in the comfort of your home.

    Here are a few ways you can prep yourself to start learning any Online Mechanical Engineering course:

    • Refresh your knowledge in math, science, and other important subjects in mechanical engineering. Strengthening your fundamentals is what is important for any online course.
    • Your next step would be to understand various concepts in Mechanical Engineering which will take you a long way. This will require you to read extensively about the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering.
    • You can always take up short-term courses that will help you get an idea about mechanical engineering.
    • Try developing a hobby in mechanical engineering. The best way to do that is to explore power and hand tools.
    • You can also try to understand various machines by taking them apart and learning about their components.

    What do I get in these fees?

    This Fee will give you:

    1. Open-source software access and guidance.
    2. Course manual and content material
    3. Charges for support and shipping

    Why should I take up this course at Skyfi labs?

    We at Skyfi Labs began our journey with the sole purpose of bringing a pleasant change in learning methods. We embarked on the journey, keeping in mind that we intend to make students smarter not just by the book but by also giving them a chance to work on projects in a hands-on practical manner. The projects in our courses stem from real-world problems and we help students learn to derive probable and smart solutions. We stick by this even to this day. Skyfi Labs aims at making learning fun, interactive, and interesting. We want to give students and enthusiasts a break from the mundane bookish knowledge. This is an honourable venture by IIT Kanpur Alumni and we are proud to say that we have skilled about 2,50000+ students from across 30 countries. Skyfi Labs comes to you proudly with prestigious awards like the 2nd Best Business Venture Award, Ideas, IIT Kanpur | 30 Most Promising Start-ups, Next Big Idea, IIM Bangalore | Runner-up, UnLtd India Growth Challenge, etc. The courses have also stood the test of time and have been a part of the IIT Delhi Alumni for 5 straight years.

    So, let's talk…?

    How do I get in touch with you?

    Do contact us on our Toll-free: 18001237177 (10 AM - P.M.; Mon-Sat) If you can’t reach us via call then do drop us a mail at We prefer emails, as we can assign the right expert for you to answer your questions.

About Online Mechanical Courses from Skyfi Labs

Mechanical engineering emerged as a field first in the 18th-century Industrial Revolution in Europe, but it still dates back a thousand years around the world.
The father of Mechanical Engineering is James Watt, but you already knew that! Everything around you that performs a certain action or a task for you is probably a patented design by a mechanical engineer. Technology has come a long way since the earliest steam engines. From household appliances to farm machinery, from robots to any form of Automobile, there was a mechanical engineer with an idea to make life easier! People in Mechanical Engineering require a certain set of honed skill-sets like physics, calculus, mathematics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, machine design and so much more!

Now although you might have earned that degree painstakingly, learning about each of these skills, how many and how many of those skills have you acquired and implemented in your job or projects?

That’s why Skyfi Labs brings you the best Mechanical Courses in India that focus on honing your skills. These workshops, Bootcamps, and courses are all designed to help you develop your skills. These courses cover several skill-sets like Arduino Programming, CAD Model Designing, Automobile Prototyping, G-Codes, CNC Calibration, Primavera, and more. These courses are structured and designed in a manner to get you job-ready. We at Skyfi Labs help you be more than just an engineer on paper! We help you get a hands-on and practical experience on innovative projects and assignments you can build on your own from scratch.

As technology is constantly evolving, so are the learning patterns and behaviors in the educational industry! People have moved online. They prefer courses that are online in the comfort of their home with recorded sessions that they can view anytime. And, we have all of these.

  1. Our courses come with fully-equipped kits that contain everything you need for the course. The best part, is you don’t have to wait for days; these kits come to you in less than 24 hours at your doorstep.
  2. Completely online! The courses come with recorded sessions, that you can access anytime and anywhere. They are in-depth, interesting multimedia videos that give you a thorough explanation of everything you need in the course.
  3. Once you have completed the course, you will have built an amazing portfolio and earned a Smart Certificate. This certificate can be verified by anyone anywhere. This displays all your best work along with everything you have achieved throughout the course.
  4. These Mechanical engineering courses do comprise important topics of Automotive Mechanical Courses too. We have two dedicated courses with regards to this discipline: Automobile prototyping, and CNC Machine using Arduino. Both are courses that offer a hands-on, do and learn experience.
The Courses are aimed at helping you sharpen your skills in this fast-paced industry. These skills will help you become a better and more skilled professional in this field. With this experience, you can only expect this course to help you be a part of the challenging, rewarding, and lucrative industry.

Any Questions?