Aeromodelling Workshops in Vijayawada

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Past Workshops happened in Vijayawada

Aeromodelling is the activity of making working aircraft models on your own. Doing the projects on your own gives you a sense of achievement and excitement while improving your engineering skills.

These are the past workshops organized in Vijayawada on aeromodelling and related technologies like CFD, Automobile, 3D printing, etc:

13 Nov 2017 Quadcopter and RC Aircraft Skyfi Labs Center
13 Nov 2017 Animatronics and Robotic Arm Skyfi Labs Center
15 May 2017 Quadrotor and RC Aircraft Skyfi Labs Center
28 Nov 2016 Quadcopter and RC Aircraft Skyfi Labs Center
29 Sep 2016 Quadrotor DVR & DHS MIC College of Technology
19 Feb 2016 RC Aircraft Design Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engineering & Technology
20 Jan 2015 RC Aircraft Design Skyfi Labs Center
18 Jan 2015 Hovercraft Skyfi Labs Center
17 Jan 2015 WTP2014: Advanced Aeromodelling Skyfi Labs Center
17 Jan 2015 Automobile Prototyping Skyfi Labs Center

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